Horse DIY's !!!

Hey guys,

So today's blog post is a DIY for all you horsey lovers out there! Ever wondered what to do with all your ribbons that you and your horse or pony have won at competitions? Well here's a few ideas to organise your ribbons:

Idea 1:

What you will need:
          - Pins (preferably the same colour as your ribbons but it doesn't matter if not)
          - A wall (e.g bedroom wall or barn wall)
          - Ribbons (obviously)
What to do:
Okay so first things first you are going to want to organise your ribbons in a way that suits you so that could be in numerical order or colour order etc
Then find an empty space on your wall and decide how you are going to place them. So are you going to put them close together, far apart etc?
Get your pins ready and start pinning the top of your ribbons to the wall in whichever order you prefered.

Idea 2:

What you will need:
          - A grid wall rack (like this one here)
          - Pegs/Clips to clip ribbons onto rack (unless your ribbons have a hook already attached)
          - Ribbons
          - Bare wall
What to do:
Right so the first thing you do is organise your ribbons in any way you want (eg in number order - 1st place to 5th place etc). Then hook the wall rack onto your wall and place the ribbons on them in the order you have chosen, using the pegs or clips (if your ribbon does not have hooks already attached to them), in order to secure your ribbons and prevent them from falling off.

Idea 3:

What you will need:
           - Ribbons
           - String
           - Pegs / Clips
           - Pins
           - Corner of your wall
What to do:
This one's a little more tricky and might need some parental guidance if you aren't aloud to use a lighter or just simply can't reach the corner of your room.
Okay so what you need to do is, with your string, measure the length from one side of your wall to the other in the corner at the top of your wall. Then cut the string to the size that fit. Using a lighter (PARENTS may need to assist at this point) light the end of your string and quickly put out fire on the string. This is to ensure that you have no frayed ends and keeps it looking neater. Using your pins, pin the string to the corner of the wall making sure it's tight and not like a washing line. Now place your ribbons on the string and secure it in place with your pegs or clips. You could even jazz things up by painting your string a different colour or even multicoloured to make it look even better!

I hope you find these DIY's fun and useful. Leave me a comment and let me know how you get on.

Don't forget to share my blog with your friends and family so more and more people can try these cool DIY's!

Bye for now, GemsBlog x x x

      Here are some pictures of how I have   displayed my ribbons on my wall using step 1


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