All good things often come to an end....

Hey  guys,
So in my other post I was rambling on about my new amazing boyfriend...well unfortunately he is now my EX boyfriend.

After having an amazing shopping trip around Town with him which ended with a cheeky kiss, my best friend, the same girl I was talking about in my old post, came to sleep at mine. Long story short we were awake on FaceTime to Specs and DJ on and off all night till about 5:30 am the following morning and the last thing he told me to do was to check his most recent facebook post then he hung up on us. So we checked the post and it said that DJ was in a relationship with (another girl who I am not going to name). HE CHEATED ON ME. I felt physically sick. However, me and my friend were pretty drunk anyway so we can't remember every detail anyway.
The best thing about having an amazing friend like her is that when we woke up the following morning our SnapChat stories were hilarious. We had completely humiliated DJ and she made me feel so much better about our break up that I wasn't completely devastated because she had made me see the positives like

  1. I wont have to put up with his smoking
  2. I wont have to put up with his aggressive drunken behavior over FaceTime
  3. And I wont have to put up with the anxiety he was causing me to have
During our relationship my anxiety has been extremely bad because I have put up with a lot of crap and even just being in a relationship has put me completely out of my comfort zone causing me to over think every single little tiny detail making me get panicky over nothing.

So, although I feel a little heart broken, I have to think of the positives and my anxiety has been a whole lot better since our breakup (which by the way it was 2 nights ago now) and I can already see the difference.

On a brighter side of things something has happened in my family life which I feel a whole bunch of emotions about so stay tuned for a new blog post about this topic ;-)

And on an even brighter note "It's Christmas Eve, Eve" (try name that program where they say that)

Anyway bye for now, GemsBlog x x x


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