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Here are two of my favourite Ariat clothing items that I have purchased and that I am loving right now:

Ariat Ladies Polo

Ariat Ladies Coat

I received the Ariat Polo top for my 14th Birthday last year (2015) and I am in love with it. It's quite thick which means it is perfect for winter however I still wear it in summer too as it stops me getting sunburnt. The red, navy and white really stand out and haven't faded. I have gotten a few stains on it but it was totally easy to wash off in the washing machine. It is one of the best riding tops that I own.

I then received the Ariat coat for my christmas present last christmas (2015). It is perfect for layering on top of jumpers and tops in the winter and can even be used in the cooler times throughout the year as it has perfect ventilation to let your arms and body breathe once the temperature starts rising higher. The two pockets on either side are super spacious so it fits my phone, keys, gloves and treats for Spencer in there perfectly with extra room for anything else I may need to throw in there. It has a hood that can either be rolled up and then stored away using the velcro attachments or you can leave it unravelled for when it starts raining or snowing. It is also waterproof which means you won't get your under layers, like your polo shirt or fleece, soaking wet either. It has a zip that glides smoothly up and down and then gets hidden under the velcro flap that protects the zip from coming down.

I hope you guys check them products out and love them as much as i do. Let me know if you have any other Ariat products that you love or if you have gotten any of the products i mentioned.

Bye for now, GemsBlog x x x


  1. Nice post! The coat looks like it would be perfect to fit all your needs. Thanks for sharing!

    xxxx from Emily //

    1. Aww i am very glad you liked my post! Yes the coat is brilliant and I highly recommend you to check it out if you haven't already! From GemsBlog x x x


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